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3 “Red Flags” That Could Lead To Divorce


Even though sometimes a spouse wants divorce out of what feels like nowhere, most marriages on their way to failure contain several big, shiny “Red Flags” that can be early signs that it’s not going to last.

If you see these Red Flags in your own marriage, we urge you to be honest with yourself and address the issues–while you still have a chance.


1. Not Knowing Who You Are Anymore

If you’ve ever looked in the mirror after a nasty argument with your spouse…and didn’t even recognize the person looking back at you…that’s a MAJOR warning sign that you simply can’t continue like this.

The person you once were, full of joy and happiness and hope in love, is still inside you somewhere waiting to come back to the surface. But until you address what’s happening in your marriage, that person might stay buried and locked away.

2. Spending More Time Arguing Than Laughing

Laughing is one of nature’s best medicines–especially for a loving couple.

It heals, it helps with forgiveness, and most of all…it reminds us of what we love so much about each other in the first place.

That’s why, if you’ve been spending more time arguing with your spouse than laughing together, it’s a sure sign that things went wrong along the way.

And until you take care of it, it might just keep getting worse until there’s no hope in sight. But it’s not too late, and we’ll show you how to fix it in just a moment. First, let’s cover the third major Red Flag.

3. Lack Of Intimacy

Intimacy is that feeling of closeness and together-ness we feel when we’re “at one” with our spouse.

It can be through emotional connection, sexual connection, or even a night of “just us” out on the town while the kids are with a sitter.

If your marriage doesn’t include these kinds of moments on a regular basis, it can be a serious sign that things are heading in the wrong direction.

Any of these sound familiar?

Truth is, this is just a small sample of what can turn a once-loving marriage into a series of bitter, angry, and hurtful fights.

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